On the Road

So, is this our ‘new normal’? After two weeks, it certainly feels right and we have found ourselves using the term ‘home’ to describe the place where the trailer is currently hooked up. We have discovered that it is possible to live comfortably in a small RV and do productive work while traveling through some incredible scenery. For the immediate future, this is our life — high-tech vagabonds. We plot our itinerary a few weeks travel in advance with WiFi hotspots and cell coverage in mind for at least 80% of our stops.

Closing off now. Topics that might crop up in future entries:

  • RV envy — is bigger really better?
  • RV parks
  • Airstream trailers
  • Traveling vs. arriving — the ‘itchy feet’ syndrome
  • The ‘hitching-up’ ritual
  • Eating vegetarian and vegan in RV land
  • No more ‘flush-and-forget’
  • WiFi hotspots, cell phone service and virtual offices
  • Life on the road with pets
  • What is ‘Mojave Blue’?
  • Maintaining your financial life without snail mail
  • Do we really need all that stuff is our storage unit in Petaluma?