Glacier National Park

If you avoid the throngs of tourists, this park offers truly stunning vistas. Driving up the Going to the Sun Highway is de rigueur for all tourists and we started early enough to avoid the worst of the traffic. It’s quite an amazing piece of road construction, a legacy of the Depression-era WPA program, that would never be built today. A mild case of vertigo made me think better of returning down the same road and we headed east. A good decision since we left the high-density tourist stops behind and discovered the open spaces on the east side of the park. Two million visitors a year and we managed to find a delightful, quiet place for picnic lunch with only one other group in the area. Tourists are so predictable that it becomes quite easy to avoid them and still enjoy the park. Net-net, Glacier was definitely worth the visit but, after two days, we’re ready to move on.