And Another Year Slips By…

We are quickly approaching the five year anniversary of our arrival in Santa Fe (March 16, 2006). It appears we have adapted to the cold but sunny winters and fallen victim to the ‘Land of Entrapment’. I’m not terribly surprised that we are still here, just amazed at how quickly five years can disappear. I think we’ll stay awhile longer…;-).

2010 was a challenging year on the personal front. Kathy terminated treatment for her metastatic breast cancer since the chemotherapy was no longer working. The disease continues to progress with her treatment now focused on pain management and optimizing her quality of life. We have some travel planned over the next few months including a couple weeks in San Francisco in February and a week on an island in French Polynesia in March. A friend and neighbor here in Santa Fe recently took on the role of General Manager of the lovely Te Tiare beach resort and offered us a really great rate that makes if almost affordable.

I continue bootstrapping my latest startup, veloGraf Systems, as the chief (and only) developer of the front-end application while my young partner develops the more difficult back-end API service. I never expected to become a Ruby on Rails coder at my age but the development is moving along albeit more slowly than I had hoped. I find the complexity of modern application frameworks harder to absorb than I expected. Probably an age thing but I’m pretending it’s the software. If all goes well, early February should see the launch of the first phase of our social graph management service. It’s a consumer-focused service rather than the enterprise software product outlined in our rather dated web site.