A New Landscape

We lost Kathy on April 19, the day before her birthday. It was a long battle after her cancer returned in early 2007 but Kathy’s determination was unwavering and she never complained about the pain, the fatigue and the side effects from years of chemotherapy. We had the good fortune of being able to let her pass at home with the help of an excellent hospice team, a wonderful group of caregivers and the loving care of her cousin Mary in her last days. For all that, I am thankful.

Kathy was my wife, best friend and lover for almost 42 years of marriage. I miss her deeply but the positive memories are beginning to prevail over the challenges of the last few years. The image that is most present with me now is her wild, curly hair blowing in the breeze as we did our marathon training runs in San Francisco in the 1990’s. The determination she exhibited then was present right up to the end.

I’m entering a new landscape without Kathy. It feels odd without her but, as Mary said, the dogs and I must simply get up each morning and put one paw in front of the other. We are soldiering on. Each day is a little easier than last but the void remains.