FOR SALE: Almost New Fully-Assembled LitePlacer Pick and Place Machine (free delivery*)

It’s not really a complicated story. Another of my semi-retirement projects started and abandoned. The details of that discarded project are not important…it’s about the almost-new PnP machine which has, sadly, been gathering dust for over a year.

I purchased the kit from Juha Kuusama, the developer of the LitePlacer, in April, 2017. IMHO, it is a very well-designed machine with excellent online assembly instructions, great support from Juha and a lively community of owners. I spent perhaps 40-50 hours assembling the LitePlacer, a day or so on the initial calibration, a couple hours upgrading the cameras to the Andonstar USB units and a few weeks off and on playing around with a variety approaches to handling parts carriers. In the end, I found the machine was quite accurate in terms of placement and my only challenge was setting up proper vision system calibration for parts pickup operation. Before I finished my investigation (which included having some prototype carriers 3D printed), I was distracted by another project requiring some fun software for satellite communications. In the end, I never finished the final work to set up the LitePlacer for production operation. When I was ready to come back to this project, yet another software effort popped up and I realized I would never put this machine to productive use. Yeah, I am easily distracted…think of the “squirrel” scene from the movie Up applied to an old tech geek from Silicon Valley.

The LitePlacer is mounted on a 40″ x 72″ piece of cabinet-grade 3/4″ plywood. I glued down an ESD mat under the machine with a ground strap (static is a big issue in very dry New Mexico). This LitePlacer was ordered with extended depth rails and is powered by a Meanwell  NES-150-24 (150W 24V 6.5A) power supply. Details about the machine can be found at the LitePlacer website.





As you tell from the pics, I never properly mounted and enclosed the power supply and cabling. I was planning on doing that after the first few PnP jobs once I decided where the LitePlacer was going to end up on a permanent basis. The mounting table may also be too large for some situations or a different arrangement might work better. Quite easy to saw off the end of the table and hang the power supply of the back or side. It would also be quite simple to remove the assembled system from the base for mounting directly to a table or bench.

The LitePlacer is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is a rather odd place for a machine of this type. It does limit the market but see my “free delivery” offer below.


I have a bit over $2200 invested in the LitePlacer plus my assembly time. I’m asking $1300 or best offer ($1450 if you purchase through eBay to cover their 10% commission) which includes delivery of the assembled system in the U.S. to the “free delivery” locations below.

*Free Delivery

I have the good fortune of being retired (almost) and looking for a road trip(!!) to the right locations. I will deliver the fully-assembled LitePlacer at no cost to the following locations with priority given to prospective buyers in the following order:

  1. San Francisco Bay Area: I’m a SiliconValley refugee with family and friends in the Bay Area. Delivering the LitePlacer is a good excuse to load it up into the back seat of my pickup, hitch up the tear-drop camping trailer and hit the road.
  2. Colorado: Who wouldn’t want to take a road trip to the state right next door to New Mexico? Friends to visit, places to see and things to do.
  3. Utah: A bit further away but it’s a great state for camping for a few nights.
  4. Arizona: Make an offer. Phoenix or Tucson are only a day’s drive away.
  5. Texas: It’s a long drive and not as interesting to visit as Colorado or Utah (why do you think these states are full of SUVs with Texas license plates in the summer?) but I will deliver to Dallas or Austin.
  6. Seattle: This is a real stretch but Seattle is home (I’m a UW grad) and I really need to visit my 91-year-old mother as well as my cousin and her family.

If you don’t live in these locations, reach out to me by replying to the Craigslist ad or forum post that directed you to this site or by leaving a comment below. Disassembly is possible but I don’t see a clear path that has much value to the buyer. It is certainly possible to attach the assembled unit to a pallet (after trimming the base), enclose it and ship via freight. We can discuss if this option is interesting.

NOTE: The base will be trimmed down to 40″ x 56″ to fit in the back seat of my truck unless the gods smile on me and the delivery is only a one-day drive. I can trim the base to as small as 35″ x 38″ if you prefer.