The Odd Shot…

Sometimes we just find ourselves in strange situations. [Williams, Arizona]

The desert southwest seems to have it’s share of old Airstream trailers. Unlike their fiberglass brethren who reach this state of existence as ugly piles of trash, these old Airstream always seem a bit forlorn and, with a little loving care, could be back on the road again. This would be an interesting story line for a children’s book. It’s not hard to visualize an Airstream with a cartoon face on the front. My next career …??? Nah, probably already been done. Anyway, I’m still polishing my curmudgeonly characteristics.

Curious about the source of the silver in in your jewelry or flatware? I wonder how many truckloads of raw ore it requires to product one ounce of silver that is lovingly crafted by an artisan into a ring sold at a crafts fair? Visualize the skilled silversmith at her workbench and then check out these pictures. Not that we are hard-core environmentalists but it really does make you wonder.

For sense of scale, those little blocks in the middle right of the picture are 30 foot high ore carriers.